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The Role of the Physician

Key for detection, prevention and treatment


Médico y paciente The doctor plays a key role in detecting and diagnosing the disease, but his support is likewise essential through the patient's entire weight-loss process, assessing the patient's health condition, evaluating progress made and adapting the situation to each patient’s individual needs and characteristics.

Despite evidence which shows that obesity is a serious health risk, there are several factors which often make it difficult for health care professionals to fully accept responsibility for the treatment of obesity:

  • The large number of people affected by overweight makes this a difficult issue to treat through the public healthcare system.
  • Inadequate information on nutrition and physical activity during medical training.
  • Insufficient availability of and familiarity with effective long-term tools for treating overweight and obesity.
All of these factors show the need to provide the doctor with effective tools for the treatment and prevention of overweight and obesity. Fundación PronoKal®, is aware of this situation and has launched the initiative entitled "Doctors involves in combatting obesity", doing our part to help solve this problem.